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Transform Busywork into Smart Work

Epicor Automation Studio, powered by Workato, is your go-to solution for streamlining business operations. Designed for makers, movers, and sellers, this platform tackles your daily hurdles head-on. Imagine a world where your system and outside apps talk to each other seamlessly, robotic process automation and activity workflows run smoothly, and you're freed from manual drudgery. These key benefits ensure that you focus less on tedious tasks and more on what matters:

  • Industry-leading enterprise iPaaS embedded in Epicor
  • 500K+ community recipes and 1K+ connectors
  • Easy integration and automation: low-code or AI-assisted
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Industry-leading enterprise iPaaS embedded in Epicor

Unify your tech experience with an industry-leading enterprise integration platform as a service that's natively embedded in your Epicor system. Enjoy instant accessibility and a cohesive user interface as you navigate between tasks. Benefit from custom Epicor-developed connectors for seamless integration, and industry-specific templates. By making sophisticated integration-led automations this convenient and tailored, we're transforming how you do business.

500K+ community recipes & 1K+ connectors

Tap into a wealth of pre-built recipes with our Epicor Industry Templates and Workato’s social community. Why reinvent the wheel when you can instantly plug into proven automations? From simplifying complex workflows to integrating diverse apps, our expansive library empowers you to achieve more, faster. It's not just about connecting systems; it's about harnessing collective wisdom to drive your business forward.

Easy integration and automation

Streamline your work effortlessly using either low-code or generative AI-assisted, conversational no-code solutions. Create intricate workflows and connect disparate systems with a user-friendly interface designed for both tech experts and business users.


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