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Betco Corporation provides more than 250 unique formulations for cleaning, disinfecting, floor care, skin care, industrial applications and other assorted specialty cleaning and maintenance products. They also offer a complete line of equipment to perform every cleaning task from special floor-scrubbing machines to heavy duty stripping machines.

Focused on better chemistry, superior equipment, and a complete maintenance management process with distributors located throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Betco has a distribution capability in every major market of the country and is ideally positioned to expand across the globe.


As Betco evolved, so did their operations. After many years of providing chemical products for commercial use, Betco expanded to marketing products to consumers, which came with a whole new set of retail customers in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry, and new expectations of how to conduct business. Customers like Office Depot now required Betco to not only automate their B2B exchanges via EDI to increase efficiencies, but to also introduce new practices of issuing chargebacks and penalties for non-compliance with their EDI policies and procedures.

So, as manual processes previously performed by customer service and account receivables became automated, many in the functional business units became disconnected with the process of fulfilling customer orders. Further complicating the situation was the EDI- related penalties that continued to be handed down from customers.


Betco had already automated the order to invoice process for key customers through the implementation of EDI HeadQuarters (HQ) from Epicor EDI, but attempted to fix visibility issues by writing database scripts to alert users of problems as they presented themselves through their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics SL. What they found were numerous emails and very little actionable insight. Unfortunately, they were only being informed of symptoms and not able provide the necessary visibility to increase efficiency and reduce fees.

That’s when they implemented IntelligentXchange (IX), a solution also from Epicor EDI. IX breaks down complicated Epicor EDI information into usable insight for customer service, credit managers, shipping and IT so they can determine process gaps and improve the customer experience.

Driving business impact

For Betco, IntelligentXchange will impact revenue by automating customer invoice pricing controls. In addition, for a growth company like Betco, the productivity gains from eliminating time spent researching customer invoice, document, shipping and collection issues means that current teams can support more growth and focus on more strategic priorities. “This is exactly what we need to all be on the same page as we work towards achieving operational excellence.” said Shannon Iverson, Customer Support Manager of Betco Corporation.

There is absolutely no way we can walk away from the benefits we are seeing and the transparency we have gained across our organization.

The impact on Betco’s operational excellence through the implementation of Epicor EDI can be summed up by the following:

  • Connect & Comply - EDI compliance with trading partners like O­ffice Max, Meijer & O­ffice Depot
  • Automate Volume - Implemented Epicor EDI HQ across all 20 customers that support EDI
  • Automate Integration Rules - Betco’s team leveraged training from Epicor EDI to become self-sufficient in automating the unique business rules for each trading partner in Epicor EDI HQ
  • Empower Collaboration - Betco implemented IntelligentXchange to enable teams to better manage exceptions and collaborate. IX drives efficiency gains for accounting, customer service and IT teams
  • Apply Intelligent Levers - IX identifies invoice pricing issues that are resulting in lost revenue for Betco with key customers. IX also alerts the Betco shipping team of ASNs that must be sent in order to avoid chargeback

Company Facts

  • Location: Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Specialist Industry: Chemical Manufacturing
  • Website:


  • Expansion into new markets
  • New requirements and stricter compliance from trading partners
  • Lack of visibility into automated processes


  • IntelligentXchange empowers collaboration and efficiency across teams
  • Alters and notifications allow them to tackle pricing issues, reclaim revenue and avoid chargebacks
  • Epicor EDI HQ helps Betco connect and comply with key trading partners like Meijer, Office Max, and Office Depot
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