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Grow Profits

Drive business with industry-specific functionality

Tile and flooring distribution is unlike any other industry. That’s why Epicor tile distribution software fits your business so well—it’s curated with the functionality to track and manage samples, popularity trends, accessory items, and slabs of stone moving through the warehouse. And it’s built by a technology provider that understands how to make your business better.

Optimize Operations

Manage the daily details with more efficiency

Balance what your customers need and maximize your return on investment at the same time. Epicor tile and floor distribution software enables smart inventory management and automated business processes so you can reduce operating costs and realize a greater impact on the bottom line.

Build Engagement

Create a world-class customer experience

As a member of the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA), our technology experts understand your business needs. Epicor curated solutions make it easy to manage relationships with vendors, homeowners, contractors, architects and specifiers. Keep customers and partners informed and engaged. And maximize every opportunity to grow each relationship.

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