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Time to Move to Epicor

IFS works well for construction and utilities companies, but as a manufacturer with a complex supply chain you need more robust features. If you are looking for a fully integrated solution with the functionality you need, it might be time to switch to a solution made specifically for you.

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Why Manufacturers Choose Us

We Do Discrete Manufacturing Better

Epicor for Manufacturing solutions are built for your sector. Unlike IFS and other competitors, we score better every time with engineer to order manufacturing segments.

El mundo de Epicor

Nuestras soluciones son administradas y respaldadas por expertos que hablan su idioma y entienden sus necesidades específicas. Es global y local, y funciona. Es por eso que contamos con la confianza de más de 27,000 empresas en todo el mundo, incluyendo las principales marcas globales.


Get In Touch
We’d love to tell you more about why switching to Epicor makes better sense than sticking with IFS. Why not get in touch with our sales team today?

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