Epicor Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Mid-sized and upper mid-sized manufacturers may already have processes in place, such as Engineering Change Request, Order or Notification (ECR, ECO, ECN), but many of these are still manual. The Epicor PLM platform provides you with CAD data management, product data management (PDM), and technical document management capabilities to automate these processes, while integrating seamlessly with Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP).

Solution Benefits

Seamlessly integrate your product lifecycle management processes across your design, manufacturing, and service departments:

  • Optimize all phases of your product development process
  • Work on multiple locations, as the Product Data backbone enables companies to add a full DB replication solution that provides them the same system performance as the central office
  • Integrate not only with Kinetic but also with major MCAD and ECAD systems, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Outlook


  • Product Data Backbone: Store, retrieve, manage, and control your entire product related data and documents in a single vault from the beginning to the end of your product lifecycle. Learn more about Epicor PDM.
  • Change Order Process Automation: Automatically and securely transfer the BOM from engineering (PLM) to manufacturing (ERP). Have one common database in order to re-use drawings, bills of material, product descriptions for similar products and comparable projects.
  • Technical Document Management: Classify, store and manage every document along with your product data or project documentation. Create a digital lifecycle file that contains all data for a particular product.
  • Process and Task Automation: Automate and control your PLM processes and tasks such as notification and escalation management, change status deviations, document distribution, impact matrix creation, and much more.





  • In partnership with: PROCAD
  • Compatible with Kinetic