Morsches Builders Mart to Upgrade to Epicor BisTrack Software

Austin, TX May 01, 2018

Retail lumberyard set to decrease shrinkage, improve margins, and attain overall business growth with BisTrack solution

500_morsches-huntington.jpgEpicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that Morsches Builders Mart is upgrading to the Epicor BisTrack solution. An Epicor client for more than 30 years, Morsches will transition from Epicor V2 software to the BisTrack platform to streamline operations across all business locations.

Opened in 1871, Morsches Builders Mart is an exclusive retail lumberyard with five locations operated by fourth- and fifth-generation family members. The company offers a full line of products to fulfill construction and home improvement needs throughout Indiana.

  • "We have a long history with Epicor and have utilized their solutions since the 1980s. We decided to upgrade our technology to the BisTrack solution because it was the best fit for our company. The transition to BisTrack software will be seamless because we are able to transfer all of our data effortlessly, which we couldn’t do with other vendors. We feel comfortable with Epicor and its influence in the lumber industry."
  • - Franz Morsches, President, Morsches Builders Mart

“Additionally, we have a unique business model as all five of our locations are stand-alone corporations with mutual ownership and separate year-ends,” continued Morsches. “We found that Epicor was really the only software company that was able to get into our system and link all five of our companies together.”

Easier day-to-day delivery operations

“In the summertime, we’re extremely busy—typically running 400-500 deliveries each week,” said Morsches. “The BisTrack Delivery and Journey Planner capabilities are going to make completing day-to-day operations much easier.

“Currently, the team prints up the delivery orders, goes out and pulls the load, and then comes in to confirm before they leave. With the Journey Planner tool, it’s going to be a lot easier to track the products from the time of purchase through the delivery stage and the entire process will be much more seamless than previously. It will also have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction because when a contractor calls in and wants to track a special order, rather than digging through all our old paperwork, we’ll be able to access the customer account in BisTrack and track the order immediately—improving our service levels and quality, as well as operational efficiency. Our goals for BisTrack software are tied to increased turns, decrease in shrinkage, improvements to margins, and overall growth for our business.”

“The Epicor BisTrack solution has been woven into the operational strategies of many of the industry’s most influential lumber and building materials businesses,” said Kevin Hodge, senior lumber and building materials (LBM) product director, Epicor Software. “For Morsches Builders Mart, the implementation of BisTrack software will help the business secure stronger growth without relying on separate platforms for all locations, while maintaining their prominent presence in the industry.”

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