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Find the Right Fit

Ready to take charge of your business? An industry-specific ERP solution provides the capabilities, automation, and insights you need to be efficient and profitable. But if your current system is outdated and doesn't fit your business, it's time to make a change. Upgrade to Epicor - a modern, cognitive ERP solution and unlock greater agility, flexibility and scalability.

Purpose-built or Purposeless?

Your processes are unique to your industry and business. Can an ERP built for everyone handle the specifics of your customer base, data, inventory, pricing, and more?


Made for You

We develop solutions for makers, movers, and sellers in these vital industries. See faster ROI and lower TCO with software that fits the pace and purpose of your business.

  • Essential industry-specific features
  • Optional advanced modules owned and supported by Epicor
  • Native best practices
  • Built with you, for you

Made for Who?

NetSuite offers just one solution. You’ll need to choose between customizing the software to fit your business, or changing your business to fit the software. Either way, lost time and added cost may sink your ROI.

  • Core industry functionality gaps

  • Expensive add-ons for basic functionality
  • Irrelevant, complicated feature set
  • System processes don't reflect business processes

Why You Win With Epicor

Research shows that Epicor distribution customers see a three-year average ROI of 412%. When it comes to winning with Epicor, the advantages are clear..



  • Unmatched industry expertise
  • Purpose-built solutions
  • Flexible, scalable, industry-specific ERPs
  • Best-of-breed development
  • Fast deployment and adoption
  • Award-winning services delivered directly by Epicor employees


  • Core industry functionality gaps

  • Expensive basic add-on capabilities you're required to purchase
  • Irrelevant, complicated feature set
  • System processes don't reflect business processes

Partnership or Pressure?

A basic Netsuite solution may seem affordable initially, but as you discover gaps in the product, you may need to customize or upgrade just to get what you expected from day one.

✔ Shared Success

At Epicor, your success is our success. We're here to help you unleash your business potential, not overwhelm you with complicated contracts. Expect simple licensing, value-based pricing, and flexible deployment options with no cost for switching between cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.

✘ Hidden Costs

NetSuite offers a basic solution at a low price. But not long after "virtual implementation" by a NetSuite partner, you may start feeling pressure to add modules, features, and services that lock you in and limit your flexibility.

Questions to Ask NetSuite

  • Will NetSuite manage the implementation process, or will it be one of their partners?
  • If implementation is outsourced to a partner, who will I have the final contract with – NetSuite or the channel partner?
  • If it’s a channel partner, will I receive all the benefits that NetSuite offers?
  • How much time does the end-to-end implementation take?
  • Does the deployment include training?
  • Can you list everything that will factor into my total cost of ownership?