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Focus on Outcomes, Not Processes

Let Epicor Prism take care of repetitive processes, painstaking data sifting, and tedious administrative tasks so your team can focus on the strategic work that fuels business growth.

Epicor Prism empowers workers to access the right insights, in the right context, at the right time to make smarter decisions. The platform is specifically fine-tuned to the Epicor data structure, which has been developed over decades of innovation experience across manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Users engage with Epicor Prism in the context of their native Epicor ERP platform to surface insights or execute actions as prompted.  

Explore Features & Capabilities

New AI Capabilities

Epicor Unveils Integrated Portfolio of AI and Data Management Capabilities Built Specifically for the Supply Chain Industries.


Gears, Handshakes, and Sparks

At Epicor, we are enabling a new world of cognitive ERP by turning your data into insights and action. Cognitive ERP works with what we call gears, handshakes, and sparks. Gears are the systems of record that store all crucial business and machine data. Our data-enabled AI agents facilitate what we call Handshakes, enabling smooth connections between users and the system. The insights and new ideas gleaned from the system data are known as Sparks. With Gears keeping records, Handshakes building connections, and Sparks lighting the way, Epicor ensures seamless, efficient, and insightful operations.

Gears: Your System of Record

Customize and embed AI agents with Epicor Automation Studio, Powered by Workato AI@Work, to transform your system of record into a dynamic system of action.

  • Automate complex tasks
  • Gain industry-specific insights
  • Make more informed decisions

Handshakes: Interconnected Data & Apps

Prism combines the expertise of multiple AI agents specialized in different domains. Each AI agent can analyze and share data specific to their area of expertise, sparking valuable insights and painting a clearer picture of your complex business.

  • Multiply the power of AI with collaborative agents
  • Eliminate data silos once and for all
  • Cut through complexity to see your business clearly

Sparks: Your Indispensable Insights

Ignite new ideas, insights, and possibilities. Prism transforms your traditional ERP into a dynamic, action-oriented platform. This leap from data to actionable insights empowers businesses to make strategic decisions and drive growth.

  • Generate actionable insights
  • Transform your ERP experience
  • Drive innovation and growth