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Custom Demands Require New Digital Capabilities

The future of manufacturing is here and its more competitive and customizable than ever. To stay profitable with make-to-order (MTO) manufacturing, companies must embrace digital transformation across the business:

  • Smart manufacturing techniques that enable mass customization with predictable lead times and minimal waste and inventory carrying costs
  • Fully self-service from online configuration and price quotes to full visibility into shipping and delivery timelines
  • Data-driving decisions for every part of the operation
Challenges We Help Solve

Partnering With Businesses Like Yours

50+ Years of Helping Made-to-Order Manufacturers Thrive in a Changing World

ERP Made to Your Order

Built with decades of industry expertise, Epicor software supports the efficient workflows, smart production scheduling, and timely insights that are critical to doing make-to-order well.

We’ll work with you to build a complete one-of-a-kind solution for sales orders, production planning, product configuration, bill-of-materials, supply chain management, inventory, and more.

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Connected Systems, Better MTO Economics

Epicor Kinetic provides integrated solutions for manufacturing that extend from marketing and sales to production, planning, sourcing, procurement, customer service, finance, and decision support. Epicor has helped hundreds of MTO manufacturers gain real-time visibility and insights into production data.

  • Quote with confidence, knowing your bottom line is secure
  • Respond to changing demand with ease
  • Hold only the inventory you need
  • Schedule your plant floor for optimal throughput, improving on-time deliveries

Meet New Buyer Expectations

Online retailers like Amazon have forever changed consumer buying expectations. Business buyers are no exception. Your customers want to research, order, and configure their purchases online—and they want full visibility into shipping and delivery status. Epicor helps you deliver on their expectations with solutions that:

  • Deliver game-quality visual configurations of complex products
  • Expand revenue opportunities with curated B2B solutions
  • Increase automation for shipment notifications, international and HazMat paperwork, return labels, and more
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Challenges Solved for Make-to-Order Manufacturers

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