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Built With You, For You

Your business depends on managing complex inventory challenges. That’s why Epicor for Building Supply is right for the landscaping industry. It’s flexible enough for custom configurations that fit your business without requiring a fully customized system. Backed by proven performance for enterprises with hundreds of locations. And available in a scalable cloud offering to match your business growth.

Maximize ROI with Data Customization

Epicor for Building Supply helps you easily reconcile profit from sales and cost of materials against different units of measurement.

  • Understand the true landed costs of product
  • Reconcile inventory calculations
  • Reduce the labor needed for inventory management

Build Profits with Customer Stratification

Tap into real-time data to power deep insights that help your sales team identify core customers and opportunities for growth. Epicor for Building Supply helps you offer value-added services and create a seamless online customer experience.

  • Better allocate sales resources
  • Maximize sales team productivity and results
  • Implement targeted sales strategies

Getting Started

You’re not just choosing a business solution, you’re also choosing the team you want to work with. Let’s start with a conversation, and we can introduce some of the people behind our 99% customer retention rate. Get in touch today, and we’ll discuss:

  • Your business requirements and goals
  • Partnership expectations, needs, and options
  • Scheduling a demo unique to your business

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