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Epicor helps Romanian HVAC distributor reduce stress and increase responsiveness

Formed in 2002, RADOX srl is a leading distributor of HVAC equipment in Romania. The company provides a full range of high performance products and services, including production, design, installation, and technical consultancy. It is the largest Romanian producer of bathroom radiators and ornamentals.

Today RADOX faces fierce competition. The market is flooded with cheaper products that are often of poor quality, leading to increased pressure on RADOX to make sure that it stays one step ahead. We asked Jecan Alin, economist for RADOX srl, why they decided to upgrade their Epicor iScala ERP solution, and what benefits they have realized.

“The benefits mainly come from us being able to improve the relationship with our customers. It means we can become more responsive.”

Jecan Alin
Economist | Radox srl

Q: What were the main reasons RADOX had for upgrading to iScala 3?

A: Our server was outdated and we needed to increase the size of our database. In addition, the server memory had become insufficient, creating activity bottlenecks across our operations.


Q: How have performance, usability, and reliability improved since upgrading to iScala 3?

A: The running time of reports has decreased significantly. We have managed to reduce the running time from three minutes down to just one minute for inhouse reports such as the customer analysis report.


Q: What immediate benefits did you gain as soon as you upgraded to iScala 3?

A: Upgrading to the latest version of iScala has led to less stress in our team because we can more easily create and run complex reports that used to be very time and resource consuming. It has also meant that we have been able to remove various bottlenecks within processes, helping to streamline our operations.


Q: What business benefits do you now expect to achieve as a result of your upgrade to iScala 3?

A: The benefits mainly come from us being able to improve the relationship with our customers. It means we can become more responsive by reducing lead times, running reports and analysis faster, and more easily introducing new modules and ways of working.


Q: What advice would you give anyone considering upgrading to iScala 3?

A: The upgrade itself is not particularly challenging if you have an IT department (we have an external team). But if you don't have one, then you need to call Epicor!


Company Facts

Location: Romania

Industry: Distribution-HVAC

Web site:


Fierce competition

Outdated technology

Operational bottlenecks


Epicor iScala ERP


  • Significant decrease in reporting time
  • Less stress
  • Removed bottlenecks
  • Improved responsiveness and customer service

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