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Bells of Lazonby

Epicor Tropos brings a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to Bells of Lazonby, a leading UK independent bread and cake maker. Now for the first time, Bells of Lazonby will have full visibility and control of its three lines of business through a single, integrated solution with applications designed specifically for the unique requirements of food manufacturers, The system will help Bells of Lazonby achieve its goal of reducing levels of held stock by up to 50 percent. The wide range of management information from Tropos is used to enhanced forecasting, production variances, order processing and cost efficiency across the entire business. 

"In the past we have held excess stock levels to ensure every job will be fulfilled. We can now be sure of that without overcrowded stockrooms because our forecasting production variances are so accurate and up to date."

Dave Simmons
Business Systems Manager | Bells of Lazonby

Tropos gives Bells of Lazonby management information in real time, so the company can make instant decisions, which otherwise could cost the business. Empowering managers with this information helps to support the dramatic expansion of its two new brands: Village Bakery (organic recipes), OK Foods (gluten, wheat, and dairy free goods), as well as the sustained growth of the traditional Bells of Lazonby bakery. The Tropos solution also makes it easier for Bells of Lazonby to continue its business with supermarkets, as a real-time traceability and regulatory audit compliance is now quicker and easier across its entire range of products. 

"We previously used a specialist bakery system for our order processing, but it could not give us the visibility or adequately support management control across our rapidly expanding business," commented Dave Simmons, business systems manger, Bells of Lazonby. "Tropos gives us real-time insight into stock levels, order flows and fulfilment. This information on processes, as they're happening, makes it easier to eliminate any waste throughout the business and makes our future business development easier and more profound. We are able to streamline not only production and stock levels, but also many administrative processes-we are able to reduce the burden of multiple and often duplicated forms of paper work. 

"We have a strong reputation for quality and excellence in our field. In fact we recently won an award from Sainsbury's for Bakery Supplier of the Year and won the Bakery category at the Food Manufacturer Awards as well. We will now be able to deliver that excellence of quality through excellent processes. In the past we have held excess stock levels to ensure every job will be fulfilled. We can now be sure of that without over-crowded stockrooms because our forecasting production variances are so accurate and up to date", continued Simmons. 

As the organic and specialist foods industries rapidly expand, Tropos helps to deliver successful operations, optimize stick holdings and improve production process; and Bells of Lazonby is taking full advantage for future growth.

About Bells of Lazonby 

Bells of Lazonby is a family business that has been producing and supplying bread and cakes for over 60 years. The company bakes organic recipes through its Village Bakery brand; its OK Foods brand produces gluten, wheat and dairy free recipes and the Bells of Lazonby bakery continues with its traditional baking. The organization also produces goods for private label companies. The company was recognized with the Queen's Award for innovation in Enterprise in 2006. 


Company Facts

Location: Lazonby, Penrith, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Industry: Food Manufacturer

Web site:


Lack of visibility, support management and access to real-time data across the entire business


Epicor Tropos ERP


  • Reduction of stock levels by 50 percent
  • Enhanced visibility across company processes to improve efficiencies and boost profitability
  • One system to operate its three lines of business: Village Bakery, OK Foods, and the traditional Bells of Lazonby bakery

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