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Alliance Lumber

As Arizona's largest lumber distributor, Alliance Lumber counts amongst its customers some of the area's largest commercial building contractors and residential production builders. Being a preferred supplier to these progressive buyers requires exceptional logistics management, margin analysis, and customer service. Alliance Lumber upgraded to Epicor BisTrack software as a platform from which to provide outstanding service to its pro-builder customers.

We'll be a lot more efficient than we were before BisTrack. We're with the right system, at the right stage for the future.

Norb Edwardsen
General Manager | Alliance Lumber

Better support for production builders

“We started looking at which software systems were available, keeping in mind what we'd need for the production builders and commercial contractors as they tend to be more progressive,” says Norb Edwardsen, general manager of Alliance Lumber.

“BisTrack software seems to be on the leading edge of technology. With the BisTrack solution as our platform there are a lot of things we can offer builders. For example, statements and pricing online to help them estimate projects, do billing, and manage cash flow,” Edwardsen continues, referring to BisTrack software's web services that allows users to create an online portal where contractors and builders can log on to get details of their account information and view online catalogs showing their negotiated prices.

Centralized dispatch more visible and efficient

The BisTrack solution is helping Alliance Lumber be more efficient in dispatch and delivery. They have centralized dispatch, and publish the journey schedules on BisTrack software so that sales people can keep their customers well informed. “It certainly helps, because it's visual and you can quickly see what's scheduled for delivery, what's out, and if the delivery is complete,” Edwardsen says.

Carla Ruminski, chief financial officer at Alliance Lumber, adds, “This makes us more efficient and our customer communication is more accurate.”

Reduced billing errors and better stock management

BisTrack software helps Alliance Lumber manage the variety of sales orders so that all charges and work orders associated with the order are properly captured. Added Value Orders (AVO), Special Orders, and allocation of additional charges provide the company with more options and control over costs and margins.

“Seeing real-time sales and costs allows for quicker reaction and more competitive pricing,” says Ruminski, referring to the BisTrack software sales order entry screen that shows product cost, as well as the customer's negotiated pricing and margin for each item and the total order. “Also, I really like the way BisTrack software handles special orders. There are fewer billing errors.”

“The purchasing managers of Glulam Beams and Engineered Wood Products like it, too, because they can now see lineal foot items sales by length, which makes for better purchasing management,” Ruminski adds. “Also, the Negative Stock report alerts our purchasing staff of the order requirements.”

Faster month-end closing, better information

Month-end and year-end closing is much easier for Alliance Lumber using the BisTrack software integration with Microsoft Dynamics®. “The balancing reports are really good. If there's an issue, you can find it really early and get it corrected,” says Edwardsen. “Also, to do inventory any time you want during the course of the month instead of at the end of the month is very beneficial and speeds month-end,” he continues. “Inventory control and reconciliation are faster and more accurate using the BisTrack Stock Adjustment report,” Ruminski adds.

Alliance Lumber is also pleased with the information and analysis available using BisTrack dashboards, Smart Views and Smart Objects. “The system has a tremendous amount of information available.”

Positioning for efficient growth

Alliance Lumber is putting in place the software systems and procedures that will allow them to scale up quickly as the production builders get busy again. “We're getting our processes right, now. We'll spend less time fixing things later,” says Edwardsen. “We're very hopeful that we'll be much more efficient than we were before BisTrack software. We're with the right system, at the right stage for our future.”

Company Facts

  • Location: Glendale, Arizona
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Sales Profile: 100% Production Builder and Commercial Contractor
  • Number of Locations: 6
  • Website:


  • Limited special order functionality
  • No available portal for contractors and builders



  • Platform for scaling up
  • Efficient, centralized dispatch
  • Better special order handling
  • Visible cost, negotiated price, margin on each order
  • Faster month-end closing

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