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Moving to the cloud is a great step to digital realisation because technology providers can nimbly move on-premises, closed systems to an agile, flexible, on-demand cloud infrastructure, all in a clearly defined timeline. It can be approached in stages to get you on the path to scaling an IT investment for real business returns.

Distributors like you can leverage Cognitive Cloud ERP solutions to improve supply chain visibility, automate tasks with Artificial Intelligence (AI)—allowing more productivity with less labour resources—and use data to identify trends that impact their margins so they can drive better business outcomes.

Join this webinar if you would like to better understand:

  • The benefits of Cognitive Cloud ERP technology and why this enables digital transformation for UK and global distributors
  • What you should consider when choosing Cloud ERP technology
  • How a Cloud ERP like Epicor Prophet 21 can help grow your business now and in the future


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Adam Lee
Head of Distribution at Epicor UKI

Paul Martin
Solution Engineer at Epicor UKI

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