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“Event Monitor has proven to be a reliable asset, exceeding our expectations. I highly recommend it to fellow CMS users seeking to elevate their production management processes and stay ahead of potential challenges.” - Mayo Fottral - Global Director, Operations Systems,Cosma International

Are you tired of finding out about issues in your business after it is too late to prevent problems that impact your customers, quality, production, and financials? Add protection, awareness and peace of mind to your business by implementing CMS Event Monitor. Event Monitor is:

  • An early warning system,
  • A guard dog that you can set up and forget to notify you of notable events
  • A daily health check
  • Much more

New and current users of Event Monitor will benefit from attending this webinar to learn useful ways to deploy Event Monitor in your environment to drive efficiencies, avoid problems before they occur and save money.

Event Monitor uses SQL statements to identify target data, conditions and/or events in your CMS database automatically emailing the results of the analysis to specified users. Examples of how to use Event Monitor include:

  • Automatically send sales reports to recipients within your business
  • ID raw material shortages before scheduling production
  • Production reporting discrepancies
  • Daily summaries of open projects
  • New parts without pricing
  • Late ASNs
  • Anything that is important to you that you need to know

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