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Creative Technology and Design + Epicor Kinetic = Simplified Compliance

As an Epicor Kinetic customer, you're already ahead of the game with industry-leading manufacturing ERP solutions. But, working in the aerospace and defense industry, you are also keenly aware of critical compliance requirements. Join us for this informative webinar to learn how you can enhance your Epicor Kinetic solution to simplify compliance, security, and reporting with Cre8tive Technology & Design’s and Epicor Kinetic.

Cre8tive Technology and Design’s A&D module extends the core functionalities of Epicor Kinetic to help you meet strict requirements set by the Department of Defense and related government agencies, including DCAA, DCMA, MMAS, and ITAR. As an ITAR Certified Team, they also bring the expertise to help you achieve certification.

During this webinar, we provide you with insights and best practices about how your journey to CMMC certification can be enhanced with Epicor and Cre8tive. You also get a chance to see demonstrations of how Cre8tive can help you:

  • Improve traceability
  • Track FAI, reduce escapes while FAI is in process
  • Manage Supplier Certification/Survey
  • Stop “escapes” where DCMA inspection is required
  • Stop “escapes” of incorrect revision being shipped
  • Stop “escapes” where export license is required
  • Manage shelf-life restricted materials

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Featured Speakers 

Bob Aronson Robert Brown
Chief Revenue Officer
Cre8tive Technology & Design
Principal Product Manager - Manufacturing

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