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Sales and Marketing Software for Epicor Prophet 21

Modernize Distribution Sales and Marketing Operations

Increase your brand presence, shorten sales cycles, and attract new leads. Sales and marketing software for the Prophet 21 solution puts your business online and in the palm of your hand. Mobile access lets salespeople place orders or update customer details on the go. Epicor Commerce offers a simple, cost-effective eCommerce solution. Add in strategic pricing features, and you can compete on cost and convenience while protecting your margins. 

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Order Management

Whether orders are entered at the counter, remotely via a mobile device or laptop, or online by the customer, information goes directly into your Prophet 21 solution for fast order processing.

Mobile Sales

The Prophet 21 Mobile Sales system is a browser-based application that works on tablets and other mobile devices. Satisfy customer needs with anytime, anywhere sales order entry and account access, and improve productivity by giving account visibility to your sales team and remote staff wherever they have an Internet connection.

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Epicor Commerce

Turn site visitors into repeat customers with the convenience of online purchasing. Epicor Commerce (EC) software simplifies eCommerce with tools and templates that take out the guesswork. Plus, you can put your distribution catalog online sooner than you think. ECC can be implemented fast and hosted in the cloud.

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Strategic Pricing

Boost profits by increasing your margins where you can. The Strategic Pricing module recommends optimal pricing based on market data and your sales history.

Credit Card Processing

Don’t take security compliance into your own hands. The Prophet 21 credit card processing solution allows you to run credit cards without storing sensitive data on your system. It supports terminals using EMV chip-and-PIN as well as encrypted magnetic stripes.

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Customer Buying Trend Analysis

Recapture revenue from missed buys and identify at-risk customers before it’s too late. The Customer Buying Trend Analysis module gives you proactive insights to help protect your customer base.

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