Sage Clarity Launches ABLE for Epicor Informance EMI

Austin, Texas October 15, 2018

Cloud-based IoT solution delivers actionable insight into manufacturing improvement opportunities for complex production lines1920_sage-transparent.png

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth today announced that Sage Clarity, a leading provider of software and advisory services for the manufacturing and supply chain industries, has made its ABLE™ solution available for Epicor Informance EMI.

ABLE is a cloud-based, Internet of Things (IoT) solution that provides real-time root cause analysis for manufacturing operations and extends the capabilities already offered by the Epicor Informance Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) system. By computing at the edge, the application allows enterprises to simplify control architectures for complex manufacturing production lines, identify the root cause of an issue, and pass the exact information to Epicor Informance EMI.

Epicor Informance EMI monitors production line performance in real time and helps to create transparency around the causes of operational losses. With losses clearly identified, users can focus continuous improvement efforts on the most critical opportunities. They are able to quickly unlock hidden capacity, increase productivity without additional capital investment, reduce inventory and labor costs, and increase working capital.

The ABLE solution can be installed on either new or existing production lines. It resides between the plant floor and the manufacturing execution system (MES)/supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) layer, and requires no programmable logic controller (PLC) data acquisition programming. The cloud solution can be modeled and configured before commissioned, providing easy scale and rapid deployment.

  • “Our goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a product set that is a great fit for our customers, and offers them significant opportunities to grow their business. ABLE is easily integrated with Epicor Informance EMI and the combination of the two products positions process manufacturers to accelerate growth and continuously advance their competitive position by improving plant performance.”
  • - Vish Thirumurthy, global head of alliance ISVs, Epicor Software

”ABLE’s innovative solution enhances the value to MES applications by providing richer, more actionable data, which is why we are so excited about it,” said John Oskin, president, Sage Clarity. “We look forward to a productive future with Epicor in utilizing disruptive technology to enhance process manufacturing analytics.”

About Sage Clarity

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