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  • Corporate Statement Gender Pay 2024

Epicor Gender Pay Gap Report 2023-2024


Epicor’s purpose is to be the essential partner to the World’s essential businesses. Our customers are the hardworking businesses who make, move, and sell the things everyone needs. Our carefully curated industry productivity solutions enable businesses to keep the world turning, even during the most challenging times.

Epicor Software (UK) Ltd operates in the Software market providing industry-specific solutions for customers across manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations.

With circa 4,500 employees across the globe, in 2023 Epicor employed circa 320 employees in the UK at the snapshot date, mainly across 2 sites with Epicor’s UK Headquarters is in Bracknell.

Epicor is an equal opportunities employer, and it is reflected in our culture, core values and operational processes in all our offices across the globe. Epicor’s goal is to attract, select, develop and retain employees on the basis of skills, knowledge, ability, performance, and interest; and to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion in which all employees are valued.

Epicor are committed to the government agenda of closing the gender pay gap and in doing so boosting the economy. We believe that reporting on the gender pay gap creates transparency and prompts organizations to act on the findings in a meaningful and effective manner.

About this report

Under the Gender Pay Gap Regulations, companies employing more than 250 individuals are legally obligated to annually disclose their gender pay gap. This gap reflects the gender distribution within an organization and quantifies the difference in average earnings between male and female employees, regardless of their positions or seniority.

It’s important to note that the gender pay gap is different from equal pay. Equal pay pertains to the compensation disparity between men and women performing the same, similar or equivalent work. Discriminating based on gender when it comes to pay is against the law.

This report adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Government Equalities Office, based on a snapshot of pay data captured on a specific date.

The following six metrics align with gender pay gap reporting regulations and are calculated based a snapshot date of 5th April 2023:

  • Mean (average) and median (midpoint) gender pay gap – This measures the difference between the average and midpoint hourly rates of male full-pay relevant employees and their female counterparts.
  • Mean (average) and median (midpoint) bonus gender pay gap – This measures the difference between the average and midpoints of bonus pay paid to male relevant employees and their female counterparts
  • Bonus proportions – these indicate the percentage of male and female relevant employees who received bonus pay during specified period
  • Quartile pay bands – these reveal the distribution of male and female full-pay relevant employees across the lower, lower-middle, upper-middle and upper quartile pay bands.

Headline data at a glance – at 5th April 2023

Graph 1.jpg

The proportion of males and females in each quartile band

Graph 2.jpg

Comparable Gender Pay Gap figures 2022-2023

Graph 3.jpg

The 2023 figures show a 1.5% decrease in the Median hourly rate from 2022, for males compared to the Median hourly rate for females which is positive for closing the gap. Whereas, we have seen a slight increase of 1.5% in the same period, in the Mean hourly rate for males compared to the Mean hourly rate for females. It is worth noting that whilst Epicor has seen the percentage of the total number of employees increased by just over 50% from April 2022 to April 2023, the split between male and female was still around the same of approx. 72% males and 28% females.

The gender bonus gap saw a decrease in the Median of 4.4% and a decrease in the Mean of 2.6%, compared to the same metrics for the previous reporting year. Both of which are positive for closing the gap.

Graph 4.jpg

Whilst there were more males at Epicor than females on the snapshot date in both reporting years, it is encouraging to see the percentage of males and females receiving a bonus payment is not too dissimilar at over 80%.

Graph 5.jpg

The 2023 figures show that there are more females in our lower middle and lower quartiles, with less females in the more senior level roles in the upper quartile. This is consistent with the previous reporting year. With the total number of employees increasing by just over 50% from 2022 to 2023, it is worth noting that the numbers within each quartile has increased substantially. In the upper quartile, within the top quarter of this quartile there were no females represented in 2022, however the same quartile in 2023, 15% of the top quarter are female.

In line with many technology companies, we acknowledge the persistent historical challenges related to the underrepresentation of females in our sector. Epicor acknowledges increased focus in headhunting and recruiting from a more diverse workforce, attracting, and developing female talent, particularly in senior roles, is critical to contributing to closing the Gender Pay Gap and Gender Bonus Gaps. The company also recognises that retaining female talent, providing growth opportunities and access to these will be key in closing the gap. Epicor is committed to closing the Gender Pay Gap and improving gender diversity.


The data in this report is accurate at the snapshot date of 5 April 2023 and is reported in line with UK government reporting regulations.


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