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Selling Your Vision of Field Service to the C-Suite

April 24, 2024

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Senior-level executives are positioned as the key drivers of any big departmental change—success and failure rest on their shoulders. Despite the pressure of this role, you can help them understand that they don’t need to do everything, especially in the realm of field service and maintenance. Your job is to convince these key decision-makers that field service management software aligns with the goals of your business and that you’re ready to help ensure a smooth transition.

Take some pressure off of your C-Suite and other executives by showing them you’ve done the research to get the program off the ground and you already understand what it takes to succeed. At Epicor Insights in Nashville, you’ll have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the capabilities and customer benefits of Epicor Field Service Management (FSM), including how its robust integration with Epicor ERP solutions empowers companies to automate and streamline their service activities.

Working up the nerve to propose a new system (and the accompanying change to the status quo) can be tough. Harnessing the informational sessions at Insights in May can be a crucial first step in gaining the educational foundation on FSM necessary to strengthen your future presentation. Additionally, you’ll learn key points that might help you get to the heart of executives’ concerns and pique their interest in investing in Epicor’s new field service solution. Executives are all about the bottom line—if an FSM system isn’t in their budget, the only way to get the ball rolling is to demonstrate payback. You need to show them the system will pay for itself and then some. Here’s how:

Improve effectiveness

First-time fix rates can increase by 25% or more with an FSM system that provides an in-depth service history on detailed asset records while identifying the right technician, equipment, and parts for the job before dispatching.

Increase utilization of technicians, equipment, and inventory

Many companies realize increases in utilization of 15% or more with an FSM solution, due to robust scheduling capabilities and GPS technology that cuts time spent traveling and keeps more items working.

Help increase productivity

Many businesses realize productivity increases of 10% or more in the field, and 50% or more in the back office, when technicians have access to a mobile solution.

Help increase revenues 

FSM software allows for better management of service contracts, customer equipment, inventories, and warranties. Better accountability over time and materials minimizes unbilled labor and equipment/materials costs. Technicians in the field can identify additional service opportunities and quote them on the spot for renewed service contracts, parts sold, and more.

Increase customer satisfaction

While all of the above items are quantifiable in terms of cost reduction, cost avoidance, or increased revenues, customer satisfaction isn’t as easy to measure in terms of dollars and cents. However, improving the customer experience alone may more than justify your investment in the long run. Contract attrition rates will decrease as your customers see more value in your ability to consistently execute. Your technicians' ability to access to critical knowledge about customers, equipment, and service history will clearly differentiate your company and help you stand out from competitors.


You may be raring to go with a new FSM project—and there’s no doubt it will improve your service department’s overall contribution to the business— but without buy-in from executives, even the most exciting project isn’t going anywhere. Start by igniting a conversation with your executives, using these tips and prompting questions to get to the core of their concerns. Put on your sales hat and focus your pitch on how the software investment will benefit them and the business’s bottom line. Use examples and concrete numbers. Put yourself inside your executives’ heads to help them understand what’s in yours.

We look forward to seeing you at Epicor Insights in Nashville!