From Split to Integrated: A Caregiving Partnership To Deliver A Tailored Solution

HammondCare is an independent aged care provider with a passion for improving the quality of life for people in need. Regarded both nationally and internationally as one of Australia’s most innovative health and aged care providers, the organisation champions the care of 28,067 people across Australia and employs over 5000 people.

HammondCare needed to embark on a major overhaul to address the significant impact its split system was having on the organisation. It needed to bring all the systems under one modern umbrella to create visibility and standardise procedures across the organisation.

Learn more in this customer success story about the benefits HammondCare achieved in partnership with Epicor:

  • Integrated systems under one modern umbrella, creating visibility and standardising procedures across the organisation
  • Customisable to capture clinical information which led to efficient processes for residential operations
  • Databases and back-ups in one place, along with simple user interface and experience
  • Access to a central repository for all resident-based data, helping accurate management of onboarding, billing, and funding
  • A partner that was dedicated to compliance, optimizing caregiving and accountability