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Three Steps to Reduce Unproductive Stock

A solid inventory system backed by data that can help you easily identify your most and least productive items—both in terms of profit and volume—is an integral part of your operations.

To identify these items follow the following steps:

  • Determine a metric to use
  • Identify underperforming items
  • Identify and execute a strategy to offload unproductive stock


Getting comfortable in the cloud

More than one third of technology decision makers surveyed report that their IT department feels pressure to migrate 100% to the cloud.

Find out the top 10 reasons manufacturers thrive in the cloud.


Make to order manufacturing

Download the eBook to find out more on:

  • Make to order manufacturing
  • 5 trends in MTO
  • Maximizing operational efficiency
  • Driving growth and profitability


8 Steps to selecting the right manufacturing ERP System

No process is perfect, but these proven tactics take the pain outof picking the ERP that’s right for your manufacturing business.


Digital Transformation in distributors

Why is digital transformation critical for small to mid-sized distributors? Find out more by downloading the whitepaper below;

  • The role of Cloud ERP technology in digital transformation
  • Three capabilities cloud ERP technology
    1. Reduce operational costs
    2. Grow business
    3. Scale securely at lower cost


How to Choose the Best Distribution ERP

How do you know the ERP software you’re evaluating is right for your organization? This white paper offers a pragmatic framework for answering the key questions in your evaluation process:

  • What are your strategic priorities and how will the ERP system help with execution?
  • What are the outcomes or goals you want to achieve and measure through an ERP system, and will the ERP software provide the right outputs to achieve these goals?
  • How do you prepare for the change required with new technology from a people and process perspective?


Digital Transformation for Distributors

Despite its clear benefits, Digital Transformation can seem overwhelming for distributors. This playbook breaks down the Digital Transformation journey into key components for planning the work and working the plan.

  • Clarifies what it is, what it is not, and why it is more important than ever for distributors
  • Walks you through a crash course on six enabling technologies that can unlock new possibilities
  • Explains the Three Lenses for Going Digital - technology, people, and strategy – that, together, create more successful digital initiatives
  • Shows how to sequence your digital roadmap, starting with today’s improvements and eventually taking on tomorrow’s transformations


Push Past Common Manufacturing Challenges

When things go wrong, there are so many complex steps that must happen for a part to get in the hands of a customer. Sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting a never-ending series of fires, but tech can help. See how IIoT, analytics, and cloud hosting can allow you to break through and prosper.

  • See how to do more with less and better enable your staff to navigate the skilled labor shortage.
  • Learn how to utilize IIoT to keep shop equipment running smoothly.
  • Discover all the benefits the cloud offers.
  • Take a quick quiz to see what Industry 4.0 tech can best help your business.


Data is the Next Frontier for Manufacturing

Data and analytics have changed the game in ways that almost seem impossible. These days, the world’s most valuable resource isn’t something that can be formed into a shape. Well, not exactly.

This eBook takes a deep dive into how data can serve your manufacturing business.

  • Learn about the three types of analytics.
  • See how data can bridge communication gaps within an organization.
  • Reimagine your research and development.
  • Create more links to your supply chain.
  • Integrate analytics with smart factory capabilities.