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Senior Living Solution

Deliver outstanding care with a solution designed to help you streamline processes, personalize care, and control costs.

Australia's Leading Aged-Care Software Solution

Get powerful features designed for independent living, residential, and community care organizations in Australia.


Analytics & Reporting Integrated Financials Client Management Procure-to-Pay Projects & Facilities Document Security Integration and Compliance

Analytics & Reporting

Better Decisions Based on Data

You want the confidence that comes from making sound decisions based on solid data. That’s why Epicor SLS gives you extensive reporting and performance management tools around sales, marketing, purchasing, and inventory.

  • Add efficiencies to daily tasks and forecasting
  • Eliminate timely, error-prone manual processes
  • Integrate Epicor Data Analytics for interactive dashboards and visual analysis

Integrations Financials

Manage Billing and Funding All In One Place

Financial clarity with a 360-degree view across all aspects of your care organization: it’s possible. And Epicor designed a solution that understands the nuances of billing and funding management in the aged care industry.

  • Centralized accounting for planning, cash-flow management and collections
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Control over credit management process and accounting periods

Client Management

Support a Focus on Individual Needs

When you get right down to it, aged care is about supporting individuals as much as communities. And Epicor SLS was designed with that in mind. Data insights help you deliver the right care and services to the right individuals, instead of blanket solutions.

  • Maintains detailed resident information
  • Access a single client record for each resident, throughout their entire aged care journey


Save Time and Money with Digital Processing

This is about full cost control before any purchase takes place. Procure-to-Pay helps you secure the right products and services from the right supplier at the right price.

  • Automated contract management and digital requisitions
  • Reduce direct spend
  • Minimize time spent on purchase order matching
  • Automatic invoice transfer to SLS Financials for final posting and payment

PIMBRIC Framework

Projects & Facilities

Control Costs and Track Progress

You need to plan and manage facility projects while controlling costs. You also need a way to ensure high returns on capital investments. SLS provides the tools and insights to optimize the health and value of capital assets.

  • Track projects, equipment, service and maintenance
  • Track facilities improvements
  • Plan and manage contracts, time, billing and expenses around projects

Document Security

Control Access and Improve Collaboration

Aged care services rely on people, processes, and documentation. SLS helps you improve productivity and collaboration with simple, secure cloud-based document storage.

  • Eliminate physical document storage and free up resources
  • Manage content for capture, storage and destruction
  • Build interdepartmental collaboration
  • Improve content visibility for responsive decision-making

Integration & Compliance

Connect with Key Solutions And Resources

Maximizing efficiency means staying connected. Processes need to align and link to Australia’s unique funding structure. You also need access to essential external solutions. Epicor SLS was designed just for you.

  • Integrates with third-party clinical care and medication management solutions
  • Complies with Australian legislation for the aged care industry
  • Enables online claims with Medicare


Epicor Senior Living 2023.1 Available Now

On 28 April 2023, we released Epicor Senior Living 2023.1. This latest update delivers new and improved functions supporting our customers to grow, be more productive, and respond better to today’s care challenges.

Release Highlights

The key enhancements and benefits of our latest release of Epicor Senior Living are below:

Ease of Upgrade

The upgrade process is greatly simplified for care organisations already on the Senior Living 10 platform. There is no need to step through each release; simply upgrade to the latest version. For example, you can move directly from SLS 10.1.500 to Senior Living Release 2023.1 in one go. Please remember that only customers on the latest release version will benefit from those added functionalities and improved workflows.

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