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Vaibhav Vohra on Data-Driven Work Cultures

This interview with Chief Product and Technology Officer Vaibhav Vohra delves into the realm of data-driven work cultures and how organizations can effectively leverage data to propel growth.

May 15, 2022

Vaibav Vohra on stage at Insights 2023

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Focus on Key Initiatives: In today’s competitive marketplace, essential functions within organizations need data to thrive. Industries such as distribution, supply chain, and retail should prioritize data transformation for critical initiatives like pricing decisions. By aligning data efforts with strategic goals, companies can gain a competitive edge.
  • Vaibhav’s Journey: Vaibhav’s career journey spans building satellites, working with ERP giant SAP during its cloud transition, and contributing to disruptive technologies in AI and robotics. His experiences underscore the importance of collaboration, ecosystem thinking, and value creation for society.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Vaibhav shares a lesson learned from a complex satellite project. While focusing on functionality is crucial, engineers must also consider integration use cases. Innovation without broader ecosystem thinking may not yield societal value.
  • Data Literacy and Access: To foster data-driven cultures, organizations need better access to trusted data and increased data literacy. By empowering employees with data skills and ensuring data quality, companies can drive informed decision-making.

In summary, data-driven work cultures require strategic alignment, collaboration, and a holistic view of value creation. Vaibhav’s insights provide a roadmap for organizations seeking to harness data effectively.

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