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Planning and Scheduling

Master the art of predicting and responding quickly to changes in customer demand with minimal business interruption. Whether you are a global, multi-site enterprise or a single-site manufacturer or distributor, precise and flexible planning and scheduling is imperative for performance-driven, profitable operations. Epicor offers a comprehensive solution for helping with forecasting, material requirements planning (MRP), and advanced planning and scheduling to meet the needs of today’s agile businesses.

  • Enjoy day-to-day control and long-range planning to improve lead times and decision-making.
  • Drive new levels of profitability with improved throughput and customer responsiveness.
  • Leverage greater visibility across your extended enterprise to optimally source and deliver to your customers.


Leverage Forecasting Tools to Increase Service Levels

Respond quickly to customer needs with tools that forecast accuracy for finished products and components, including demand planning and intermittent demand.

Optimize Resource Utilization, Improve Throughput

Optimize planning schedules with advanced capabilities in skill-based schedules for both workers and equipment. Multilevel MRP drives end assemblies and component requirements, ensuring that customer demand inputs drive the schedule.

Raise Visibility of Your Enterprise-Wide Capability

Optimize output and improve customer service by leveraging capacity across your entire extended enterprise. Kinetic delivers multi-site capabilities and operational visibility, including plant-based methods for optimal use.

Essential Features


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