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Connected Systems Built for Rubber and Plastics

While plastic production continues to increase, manufacturers face price-sensitive customers, more competition, and ever-shrinking timelines for new products. Manufacturers must build flexibility in their systems for innovation, while efficiency remains a top priority amid uncertain landscapes where:

  • Rapid development in polymer science introduces changes in production methods and investment in new equipment
  • Environmental concerns could lead to new regulations and a shift toward a circular plastics economy
  • Price fluctuations of petroleum-based feedstocks and other raw materials place continued stress on profitability
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Ready for the Unexpected, Today and Tomorrow

Integrated Solutions with Room to Grow

Through integrated ERP technology, your business streamlines key processes and gains the flexibility to implement new ones. With more up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips, improve customer loyalty and win profitable new business.

  • Get marketing, sales, production, planning, sourcing, procurement, customer service, and finance — all in one integrated solution
  • A modular design allows you to update your business capabilities on your timeline
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Laser Focus on Quality

Statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) with Epicor Advanced MES use real-time, automated data to respond to production conditions and implement continuous improvement.

  • Collect any kind of data from your equipment
  • Make statistical analysis available to non-statisticians through visual interfaces
  • Automate parts rejection
  • Provide accurate delivery dates to every customer
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Reduce Cost and Waste

Effective forecasting and scheduling result in stronger buying power. Epicor software for Rubber and Plastics includes easy-to-use scheduling, inventory control with material requirements planning (MRP), and purchase suggestions for time-phased material control.

  • Schedule complex scenarios involving family molding or making multiple parts at the same time from a single mold
  • Manage multi-resource constraints and capability-based scheduling
  • Collaborate closely across the supply chain and automate procurement processes
  • Perform detailed post-production cost analysis by production run

Challenges Solved for Rubber & Plastics Manufacturers

70% of frontline workers say their company prioritizes upskilling.

Find out how investing in technology and employees can boost morale—and your bottom line.

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