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A Supply Chain Is:

Supply Chain Management ERP Capabilities

Transform Your Supply Chain Into a Value Chain

Our supply chain management (SCM) solution is made for manufacturers, by manufacturers. Figure out the supplies you need and the best way to get—and use—it. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, SCM gives you the visibility to transform your supply chain into a results-driven value chain.

Supply Chain ERP, Optimized

Procure and track materials that meet your business needs.

  • Supplier Relationship Management helps you evaluate suppliers and request quotes. 
  • Advanced Requisition Management gives you visibility and control into procurement spending.
  • Supplier Connect and Supplier Portal connect suppliers and customers for real-time updates and interactions.

Warehouse Management Systems

Maintain traceability, accuracy, and flexibility.

  • Warehouse Management System links your warehouse with order processing and manufacturing operations.
  • Inventory Management helps you maintain raw materials and finished goods. 
  • Materials Requirements Planning provides shortage monitoring and reorder analysis.

Powerful Product Delivery

Sell and ship efficiently with Shipping and Receiving:

  • Auto-invoice in accounts receivable following customer shipment.
  • Print customizable bill of lading forms to your shipments.
  • Track and manage items and container from site to customer.
  • Track landed costs against applicable parts to reflect true costs.

Logistics Inventory Management

As your finish jobs, reduce downtime and keep your systems moving.

  • Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization gives you robust forecasting methods.
  • Advanced Unit of Measure segments inventory according to attributes like hardness, strength, or density.
  • Purchase Contracts automate recurring inventory purchases and deliveries. 
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Explore more Supply Chain Management capabilities

Download your complete guide to learn how Epicor is uniquely capable of helping manufacturers transform supply chains into highly effective value chains.

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Supply Chain Success Story: Lighting Services Inc

Epicor Supply Chain Management solutions helped premier lighting manufacturer Lighting Services Inc:

  • Save money by making more informed raw material purchases. 
  • Scan material flows with connected handheld devices.
  • Track job status in real-time all over the shop floor.
  • Instill buffer time into quotes to meet customer deadlines.
  • Make quicker decisions with reports and dashboards. 
  • Stay flexible as product lifecycles shortened.
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Increase Supply Chain Productivity 26%

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