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Epicor BisTrack Cloud Solution Provides Willbond Plumbing With Secure, Reliable, and Resilient ERP

For over a century, Willbond-located in Nottingham, England-has built a reputation as a specialty merchant of plumbing, heating, drainage, and bathroom materials. Employing around 90 people, the independent company aims to ensure its customers leave with the right products at the right price.

With strong, sustained growth, Willbond recognized that its legacy system was not going to continue moving the business forward. A system was needed to deliver a more streamlined experience across business operations and allow Willbond to implement new features. These features included a customer portal and electronic signature capture at point of sale (POS) and delivery-something the previous system could not provide.

“BisTrack software is different, because it is tailored specifically to our industry”
Colin Hollowood
IT Manager

The company thoroughly evaluated both its legacy provider and other merchant/distribution specific systems before selecting the Epicor BisTrack ERP solution.

A tailored solution

BisTrack software has all the elements to support Willbond's business operations-from greater visibility of sales order processes and stock, to a well-featured business intelligence platform. The integration of document management via Scan Track and electronic signature capture delivers easy access to key documents across the business. Also, perhaps most importantly, it is designed for merchants.

“BisTrack software is different, because it is tailored specifically to our industry,” said Colin Hollowood, IT manager at Willbond. “The merchant business has many nuances that are not well catered for in the more generic ERP solutions. Attempting to tailor these solutions to fit is generally cost prohibitive and the providers themselves are often unfamiliar with the industry as whole. A major provider would need to have a dedicated and proven solution specific for our industry before they would be considered.”

Willbond recognized that one size does not fit all when it comes to ERP. The BisTrack ERP solution collects data from sales, purchasing, finance, and supply chain-amongst others-into a common database allowing a company to share the information, coordinate activities, and collaborate. One of the greatest benefits of implementing BisTrack software is the improvements to customer service it can bring-better access to data means that questions or queries can be dealt with quickly and effectively, leading to improved customer loyalty and spend.

Epicor Managed Services

Willbond elected to have its solution hosted and managed by Epicor Managed Services (EMS) in its Telstra facilities in the United Kingdom. This means that the system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year-helping to ensure it is current, secure and available, and remedying any issues that become apparent. Working with a dedicated account manager who oversees monthly performance and reviews, Willbond has the peace of mind that its business is reinforced in a way that it just couldn't be internally.

Epicor Managed Services is a set of flexible services offering merchants specialized resources to meet their system needs and helping to ensure merchants are using internal resources in the best way possible.

Epicor offers a remotely managed service for customers who want to own and house their Epicor solution, but want additional day-to-day IT system support for proactively monitoring, administrating, and providing system upkeep. It also offers hosting service for those who prefer not to have their Epicor solution housed on-site but still want a secure and reliable ERP system.

“Our BisTrack system is hosted in a private cloud,” said Hollowood. “It removes the burden on us as a business when it comes to the management of critical systems and infrastructure-with the reassurance private cloud hosting brings. It is secure, stable, reliable, and resilient. Epicor was able to provide this for us through their dedicated team, and it would be difficult to replicate the same solution on premises.”

Willbond is confident the functionality, feature set, and operation of BisTrack software makes it the best fit for the company.

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Company Facts

  • Location: Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
  • Industry: Plumbing and Heating Merchant
  • Website:


  • Lacked an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution suitable for the merchant industry
  • Company growth demanded a system which would deliver a streamlined experience across the business
  • Required a secure, stable, and reliable system that was hosted remotely



  • Provided ERP tailored for the merchant industry
  • Delivered an off-site ERP solution, monitored 24 hours a day
  • No additional infrastructure costs for the business
  • Secure and reliable solution hosted and managed by Epicor

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