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Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)

An intelligent, voice-activated agent designed to simplify daily tasks

Artificial Intelligence Meets ERP

Simplify and automate with Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA). EVA can answer questions about your data with helpful visuals, and perform routine tasks to save you time and effort.

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Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) and Prophet 21 users can try EVA now, and start:

  • Asking questions and getting instant answers
  • Streamlining routine tasks like quoting and scheduling
  • Receiving targeted recommendations and suggestions based on your data
Fact Sheet (Manufacturing) Fact Sheet (Distribution)

EVA Capabilities

Voice Recognition

EVA’s conversational user interface (UI) is based on natural language processing.

Active Learning

The more you speak to EVA, the better it will work for you. EVA learns from you and your data to deliver better insights over time.


The EVA app runs on your Android™ or iOS™ devices.

EVA for Distributors

With Prophet 21, EVA helps outside sales representatives retrieve product, price, and availability information—instantly.

Creating a quote on a mobile device while meeting with a customer has never been easier. This time-saving process is powered by EVA’s conversational user interface (UI) based on natural language processing.

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