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RiverSide Electronics

Learn how RiverSide Electronics fosters ongoing growth with Epicor Kinetic, a system that empowers them to mine and analyze data in real-time.

Streamline Processes for Maximum Profitability

Stay competitive by matching the rigorous pace of the electronics and high tech industry. Epicor ERP software streamlines manufacturing processes, product schedules and inventory management with curated solutions that understand what’s at stake.

  • Improve security, business continuity and collaboration
  • Manage complex bills of material including complete customer, supplier, and manufacturer part number cross reference

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Stay Competitive and Meet Demand

Can you pivot when needed? Epicor electronics manufacturing software is designed to help you do just that. With integrated product lifecycle management that reduces time to market. And real-time insights that make it possible to accurately manage, maintain, and improve production.

  • Eliminate inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection
  • Improve quality management with statistical data

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Manage Growth and Meet Regulatory Standards

Grow business and profits while serving clients in highly regulated industries. Epicor electronics manufacturing software helps you manage costs, materials planning and production scheduling so you can stay ahead in competitive markets.

  • Meet regulatory standards for recording origin and use of every component
  • Manage global growth strategy with multi-site capabilities

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