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Enjet Aero

Standardized Cloud Operations Deliver Agility, Efficiency and Scalability for Aerospace Manufacturer to Soar

Drive Revenue and Increase Profitability

With deep insights into the data around your aerospace and defense manufacturing processes, you can make better, informed decisions that drive growth. 

  • Intuitive, real-time analytics help optimize purchasing, inventory, pricing and overall business performance
  • Improve accuracy, control, and productivity
  • Overcome budget constraints without sacrificing innovation
Aircraft mechanics in the hangar looking at a laptop
Woman repairing an aircraft

Streamline and Optimize Operations

Every day you manage complex operations for highly regulated industries. Our ERP solutions streamline business processes—making it easier to control risk, drive performance, and reduce waste.

  • Improve production accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness
  • Analyze and optimize operations to maximize return on inventory

Enhance Customer and Supplier Relationships

Epicor solutions help you build a better customer experience at every touchpoint and empower teams for collaboration across global supply chains.

  • Manage customers, suppliers, contacts and leads from any device
  • Foster customer relationships with better communications and workflow
  • Outperform the competition with 24/7 online account management and supplier collaboration
Aircraft engineer in a hangar using a laptop while repairing an aircraft's engine
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