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Deliver top-tier services on-site and in the field

Maintain equipment, optimize customer service, and keep all technicians and customer-support personnel informed with the Service and Asset Management capabilities of Epicor Kinetic. Get the benefits of the right tools to monitor and manage deployment, performance, and maintenance of company and customer assets:

  • Meet and exceed contractual obligations
  • Maintain visibility and clarity into service-level agreements
  • Organize and manage outstanding warranties
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Reduced Response Times

Service and Asset Management capabilities provide quick responses to customer incidents, keeping your field operations informed and productive while allowing you to process returns quickly.

Data-Driven Decisions That Adjust in Real Time

With real-time insights across all aspects of production, from inventory levels to machine performance, your manufacturing team has the ability to make informed decisions quickly, adapt to changing conditions, and forecast more accurately.

Improved Maintenance Capabilities

Address maintenance request processing, planned preventative maintenance—according to predefined schedules—and ad hoc break/fix maintenance processing for a single piece or multiple pieces of equipment.

Essential Features

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