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Epicor Automated Backup Solution and Failover Option

The data gathered by your Epicor solution is one of the most valuable assets in your business. Inventory can be replaced, but contact information, order history, accounts receivable information, etc. is irreplaceable if lost or damaged.

Private and Protected
Fortunately, Epicor offers a solution. Epicor Automated Backup Solution (ABS) provides real-time, off-site data backup storage in our secure location.

With ABS, every time you enter an order or update your general ledger, the transaction is automatically updated at Epicor's secure site. There your data remains protected and private until you need it. Then it can be restored to your server or uploaded to a production site, depending upon your need.

Data When You Need It
Most people think of natural disasters as the leading cause of data loss and system downtime. However, more often it's a hardware failure, corrupt database, or human error that leads to lost data. Even something as simple as inadvertently spilling coffee on your server can cripple your business until you can access your data again. ABS makes it easy for you to keep your business running without missing a beat. One call to Epicor's support team will help get you back in touch with your data and ready to service your customers.

The Cost of Downtime
Leading research firms have estimated the average cost of company downtime due to data loss and system failure to be $84,000 to $90,000 per hour. Not only is employee productivity affected, a company risks lost revenue, lost discounts and revenue recognition, and a damaged reputation with customers, suppliers, and the bank. Fortunately, Epicor can help prevent such a disaster.

Failover Support
Business doesn't stop because your system is unavailable. Your customers could always find service at your competitor around the corner. Therefore, in the event of a complete system loss, Epicor's failover option can be implemented to run your business on your latest restored data. This allows you to have the peace of mind that your system could be operational within hours. Your system would run on our servers for as long as it would take to get your locations up and running again.

With ABS and the failover option, your business can guarantee return to operation in the case of data loss or complete system failure, avoiding the costly ramifications of such a disaster.

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