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For those who learn best at their own pace or want to supplement any instructor-led learning, self-paced education provides an excellent learning opportunity throughout the lifetime of your Epicor solution. Whether using our documentation, the Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic) Embedded Courses, or through a Learning Management subscription, students are able to learn when and what they need at any time. Self-paced learning is a great option for both learning new concepts and brushing up on a particular area of interest.

Epicor Knowledge Mentor is another self-paced learning tool where you can easily create, deploy and manage custom role-based training and documentation from a single content capture. The multiple outputs address the various adult learning styles which improve end-users' knowledge retention since they are learning in a way that is the most effective for them. Epicor Knowledge Mentor also increases user adoption since end users are learning to manipulate the system the exact way it was intended for your unique business.

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