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Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Selects Epicor iScala Hospitality to Streamline Its Business Processes

Hotel Indonesia Kempsinki is the newest hotel managed by Kempinski Hotels S.A, Europe's oldest luxury hotel group, and the chain's only five star hotel in Southeast Asia. The hotel has a total of 807 staff across various hotel functions.

As a newly established hotel, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski needed an integrated system that managed virtually every aspect of their back office operations in order to provide their guests with a true five-star experience. The hotel chose the Epicor iScala system for Hospitality because it enabled them to customize the solution to suit their needs-streamlining operations, reducing costs, and providing real-time information to ensure hotel operations run smoothly and efficiently.

  • ““We chose the iScala system for Hospitality for its scalability, flexibility, and extensibility to help us streamline our business processes. It is also user-friendly which enables us to train our 807 staff quickly, allowing us to focus on our core business.” ”
  • Ms. Ferita Tanudjaja
  • Director of Finance

The iScala system can be rolled out within each property location or in a centralized shared services model. Kempinski Hotel's properties across the globe, including its corporate headquarters in Germany, all benefited from the use of a centralized back office solution. Within the centralized environment, regional offices such as Hotel Indonesia Kempinski are able to run online, customized and comparative reports across different regions and hotels.

“We needed a solution that could not only provide robust financial management capabilities but also manage backend operations across our different departments to allow us to have a real-time view into our business to make proper business decisions,” said Ms. Ferita Tanudjaja, director of finance, Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi. “We chose the iScala system for Hospitality for its scalability, flexibility, and extensibility to help us streamline our business processes. It is also user-friendly which enables us to train our 807 staff quickly, allowing us to focus on our core business.”

Most importantly, the iScala system for Hospitality can support and integrate with the hotel's property management system (PMS) can help to synchronize information on cash and sales. The connectivity tool allows integration with external systems through business process automation in a message-based XML format.

With the entire operations team linked to the system, they did not have to worry about manually entering any transactions, eliminating delays of manual processing and costly errors. This helped Hotel Indonesia Kempinski maximize internal efficiency while energizing their entire value chain.

One of the primary goals was to ensure reporting cycle could be done daily, allowing management to have a tighter control on the business operations. This helps to create a better decision-making process.

Important elements of the iScala solution's financial management capabilities include sophisticated localized tax structures, multi-currency, multi-language and multicompany functionality-this allows local staff to manage the back office in their own language with flexible account structures to meet the local requirements, making effortless management transactions in a single location or across multiple global locations.

Fit for the global market enterprise, the iScala system for Hospitality is able to provide scalability, flexibility, and extensibility. Simplified integration with front office systems allows real-time visibility of into entire hotel operations to address important business challenges.

With the iScala system in place, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski can efficiently integrate operations across the hotel on to a single platform. This increases response time in delivering reports and ensuring optimal performance for the backend operations that enables accurate forecasting and planning to stay ahead of the competition.

“In summary, the iScala for Hospitality system has allowed us to efficiently integrate all of the hotel's operations, from room reservation and F&B to event sales, human resource, and finance on a single platform. It offers enterprise functionality, combining a rich user experience with absolute flexibility and great performance that allows us to scale and plan for future growth,” said Tanudjaja.

Company Facts


  • To streamline the hotel's entire financial process
  • To consolidate company accounts and databases into a single system for a fully automated real-time consolidated reporting to their German headquarters



  • Streamlined financial management capabilities with multi-currency, localized tax structures, and multi-language functionality
  • Real-time financial and operational reporting to track daily revenue management and reconciliation
  • Real-time visibility of all operations, aligning different functions

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