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The Challenge

Square peg, round hole technology

Since the mid-90s, Timberlane had been using an in-house quoting tool that was modified from a cabinet-making shop’s software solution. They were able to customize the software in order to design their shutters, but it couldn’t pull off certain things specific to their products. Errors were introduced since they couldn’t update or maintain their product options.

A non-integrated approach

Timberlane also had a home-grown, online configurator, available to their sales team via an internal web page. It could serve up basic options for their shutters, but it didn’t carry through to their engineering and manufacturing side of the business. They knew that they needed a complete, end-to-end process.

They ultimately wanted to integrate their engineering knowledge with a user-friendly and web-facing tool that could start with a customer order entry and continue all the way through manufacturing.

The Solution: Timberlane deployed a visual CPQ selling tool that feeds manufacturing

Epicor CPQ has transformed how Timberlane sells and manufactures