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Explosive growth in biologics and gene therapies mandates changes in the way these life-saving therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics are developed and manufactured. Key trends point to flexible bioprocessing solutions, a paradigm shift to single-use, highly configurable technologies, and a premium on rapid response and delivery.

As an innovative bioprocessing tools provider, Repligen pioneered ProConnex® Flow Paths—configurable and complete assemblies that connect tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems to the bioprocessing workflow. The product involves custom engineering and assembly of up to 200 parts: fittings, connections, process reservoirs, pressure transducers, aseptic connectors, TFF filters, pumps, and stands. ProConnex® Flow Paths clearly answered the industry need for single-use assemblies with ready-to-operate convenience, and the demand for the product grew exponentially.


Accelerate the speed of engineering-driven designs

Accelerate the speed of engineering-driven designs

Design and configuration of the hundreds of components and filtration options into a ProConnex® Flow Path were manually done by Repligen engineers. In addition, design input format varied. Customers communicated their requirements in multiple ways –pictures, napkin sketches, or written description. Repligen needed a configurator that enabled sales reps to configure and review proposed initial flow paths directly with the customer, before submission to Repligen Engineering.

Reduce time-to-quote

Manual development, revision, and review of engineering drawings is a long process. Waiting for a quote was not meeting their customers’ need for a rapid response.

Repligen needed a configurator that incorporated business, sales, and manufacturing principles, along with a free-form drag and drop interface for use by sales reps. The solution had to be user-friendly and integrate with Salesforce CRM.

Reduce time-to-quote

Scale and prepare for future expansion

As demand for ProConnex® Flow Paths continues to grow, leadership at Repligen found themselves at a crossroads: hire more engineers to support pre-sales activities, or find a way to automate the process. Repligen decided to invest in a scalable, automated, flexible configurator that enabled sales reps to control and enhance the total customer experience, while providing engineers with rigorous technically-correct initial drawings so they can focus on final-product designs and production.

The Solution: Integrated biotech sales and engineering automation

Repligen introduced an end-to-end solution

The Benefits: Empowered salespeople are delivering more accurate quotes, faster