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Havelock One

Leading Turnkey Interiors Provider Chooses Epicor for Manufacturing to Streamline Operations

With a manufacturing facility in Bahrain and offices throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) including KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE; Havelock One specializes in interior fit-outs and manufacturing of high-quality furniture, joinery, and shop fittings. Businesses serviced include international hotels, renowned retail stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, corporate offices, banks, and cinemas.

Manual processes hindering growth

Up until the late 2000s, Havelock One relied on a home-grown solution to run their business. While the solution was effective, it was far from efficient, in part because of the system architecture. The existing solution consisted of two disparate systems—one of which was used to manage the manufacturing and a contracting portion of the business (e.g. order entry, manufacturing work orders, etc.) and the second for accounting and finance. For an organization whose value proposition is offering customers bespoke solutions, the old system raised several challenges.

In February 2017, after seeing the benefits of a successful and complete Epicor implementation, Aiman Mahmoud, Head of IT at Havelock One explained, “In our business, agility, flexibility, and on-time delivery (OTD) are critical success factors. Being able to offer our customers a completely customized service and product and deliver it in a timely manner is what sets us apart from the competition. This requires tight integration of all processes from tendering and order entry, to engineering and purchasing, to manufacturing and delivery. Working with two separate systems meant that we lacked critical visibility and transparency across departments, which translated to lost productivity and efficiency— and potentially lost business. If that wasn’t bad enough, the system operated mostly manually, a problem that made each month-end closing a marathon process as a result of having to move all operational data from the manufacturing system to the accounting system and then navigate the several layers of validation to make sure there were no errors.

“Choosing to partner with Epicor has provided us the platform we need to stay true to our values and at the same time grow our business.”
A Aiman Mahmoud, Head of IT
Havelock One

Need for a modern ERP system

Faced with these challenges, the team at Havelock One realized that replacing their home-grown solution with a modern, third-party ERP solution would allow the organization to have visibility and transparency across all departments, and streamline and automate processes. They recognized a new solution was key to business growth.

When compiling the list of “must-haves” for the new ERP solution, number one on the list was the need for the system to be industry-specific and have a high degree of customization, right out of the box. During the interview, Aiman said, “Because our core business is offering bespoke solutions, it was only natural that we would expect the same from our ERP system. We needed a system that could be customized to meet the needs of both the manufacturing and contracting pieces of our business without incurring significant costs or long implementation delays. We also wanted a solution that could be scaled easily to meet the demands of our growing business.”

It was for precisely these reasons—the ease of customization and rich, industry-specific feature set—that Havelock One decided to work with Epicor as their ERP partner.

“The decision to select Epicor ERP [Kinetic] began to pay dividends during the implementation stage itself,” said Aiman. “The Epicor ERP [Kinetic] solution architecture is extremely user-friendly and requires very little technical knowledge. So unlike most other IT implementations that require the involvement of the vendor and partners, we managed the entire implementation in-house. The only module that we did consult on with the Epicor team was accounting since this is one of the critical modules that ties everything else together.” The Epicor team was equally impressed with the technical know-how of the Havelock One team, and in 2014 recognized the company with the prestigious “Achieving Last Mile and Leveraging Epicor Framework” end-user award.

Facilitating business growth

With anywhere between 75–80 users accessing the system across the seven Havelock One locations in the GCC at any time, one of the biggest benefits has been the improved visibility and transparency across all departments. Citing a previous example of an order of cashier counters for a retail brand, Aiman explained, “The sales cycle of every single customer from tender to fulfillment is unique. Flawless execution hinges on tight integration and coordination between our associates in sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, shipping, and accounting.

Deploying Epicor ERP has allowed us to rely on systems rather than manual processes, improve communication between departments, streamline operations, and ultimately ensure that we deliver the highest quality product and service to our customers.”

With the Epicor ERP system now serving as the backbone of their business, in early 2017, Aiman and his team were beginning to benefit from its rich functionality—specifically its reporting features— to improve business operations and aid management decision-making. “We are currently working on building customized reports for each department. For example, our associates in purchasing now have granular visibility of purchase orders which ultimately contributes to an improved OTD, arguably one of the most important manufacturing metrics. In addition to departmental reports, we are also working on developing data-rich reports and dashboards for our senior management team that will give them a clear snapshot of the health of the business and allows them to make more informed business decisions.” Aiman concluded, “At Havelock One, our core values are offering our customers outstanding quality, service, and value; attention to detail, and continuous improvement. We are also committed to providing our associates with an exciting and rewarding work environment. Choosing to partner with Epicor has provided us the platform we need to stay true to our values and at the same time grow our business.” 

Havelock One Interiors WLL


  • Location: Manama, Bahrain
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Website:


  • Modern ERP solution to replace legacy in-house system
  • Proven solution that could be easily customized and scaled
  • Improved visibility, integration, and transparency across all departments



  • One common system across all facilities in GCC
  • "Plug-and-play" industry-specific, customized solution
  • Customized dashboards and granular reporting

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