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Moscow & Pullman Building Supply

“We are a traditional building materials business, but we also feature a few unique offerings,” said Brandon Rucker, intelligence and inventory control, Moscow Building Supply. “We're unique in the fact that we do a lot of flooring and installations. Flooring was a new service that we recently introduced in the new store, and it's been going really well. We've had great sales with it, and Epicor BisTrack software has helped us with kits and work orders-making the back-end process run smoothly.”

  • “"BisTrack software has streamlined everything in our business-from receiving and accounts payable, to our entire sales processes. We changed how we process everything. Our receiving, inventory, and accounts payable processes are all referenceable now."”
  • Brandon Rucker
  • Intelligence and Inventory Control | Moscow Building Supply

A solution that's always evolving

“Before we chose the BisTrack solution, we were running on the Epicor Falcon system,” Rucker continued. “Falcon worked out for us for about four and half years, but there were certain things that just never lined up-there were always manual adjustments and we never had much support for it. One thing we really liked about BisTrack software was that it's continuously evolving. There is always a new update, a new feature, great support, and so much to learn.”

“BisTrack software gives our store owners and managers the ability to see performance of products, product groups, and customers,” he added. “That's the great benefit of BisTrack - all the data is there, you can see it, and it's easily accessible. We have become more competitive because of BisTrack software-especially in the area installations. We are tracking  our margins, controlling inventory, and ordering much more efficiently.”

Access to essential information

“BisTrack software has streamlined everything in our business-from receiving and accounts payable, to our entire sales processes,” said  Rucker. “We changed how we process everything. Our receiving, inventory, and accounts payable processes are all referenceable now. Before, we didn't have the capability of attaching documents to accounts-there were really no account trails to follow. Now, with BisTrack software, we can look at everything-from purchase order, to the supplier invoice, and credit notes. Everything is tied together, giving our entire team access to  essential information.”

Delivery enhancements

“We use the BisTrack Journey Planner tool endlessly,” he noted. “It's made our deliveries much more efficient. Before Journey Planner,  most of what we did was handwritten, and we used Falcon minimally for deliveries, but most details never made it into that system. The majority of our company didn't know what was going on with deliveries at that time. Contractor sales-and even the customers-were out of the loop. Now, with the Journey Planner solution, we can send emails, notifications of when a delivery is going to arrive, and keep track of all crucial delivery data. Our customer satisfaction levels have really improved with the enhancements  to our delivery process.”

More effective promotions

“The BisTrack solution has also helped us with promotions and events,” said Rucker. “It gives us access to real-time information that we can use to customize promotions and events. This gives us the ability to change ourselves to fit customer needs and product demands. For example, we do a lot of loyalty  events-two main events a year for retail customers, a contractor night, a golf scramble for our contractors, and a ladies' night. Those events are more successful now because we  can better target our customers by using the accurate data we get through BisTrack software.”


Company Facts

  • Location: Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Locations: 2
  • Website:


  • Utilize modern, continuously evolving technology to run operations more efficiently



  • Utilized kits and work orders to make the flooring installation back-end process run smoothly
  • Allowed store owners and managers to easily access performance of products, product groups, and customers
  • Provided better insights into margins, inventory control, and efficient ordering
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels because of delivery enhancements
  • Experienced more effective promotions through real-time data

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