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Episode: 16 Bunting's Robert Bunting Jr. on Increasing Efficiency and Adding Value Through Digitization and Automation

January 25, 2024

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Meet Robert Bunting Jr., President & CEO at Bunting

"We're trying to go back and figure out how can we produce what we do, maybe less expensive. How can we do it quicker, more efficient?” says Robert Bunting Jr., President & CEO at Bunting, in our new podcast episode. “A lot of it is through our processes. Does a process bring value? If it doesn't, figure out a way to cut it out. That's how you compete in the world today, is being as efficient as you can."

Bunting is a family business that, since 1959, has manufactured precision magnetic products for the worldwide printing, automotive, plastics, food, electronics, pharmaceutical, and recycling industries. Today, they've grown to 250 employees with offices in Kansas, Pennsylvania, England, and other parts of the world. Robert started working in the office as a teenager, and after some time away, returned to work in a variety of roles in the company, from sales to product management, before rising to President and CEO.

But Bunting is at a point in their company's lifecycle when they're looking at how to improve their processes to stay competitive — especially when the "Amazon effect" is changing customer expectations for better service and faster delivery. So, they're turning to technologies like digitization, cloud platforms, automation, and more to create more efficiencies and bring more value to their processes and, ultimately, their customers.

In This Episode

What can mid-sized manufacturing companies do to ensure they're well-positioned for the future of the industry and increase their competitive advantage? Listen to our conversation with Robert Bunting to learn more about how to implement new technologies and processes to prepare for the future of manufacturing.


  • How digital transformation is helping Bunting be more efficient, better manage processes, and allow for more remote work.
  • Where Bunting is using automation to eliminate steps that don't bring value.
  • How Bunting is testing "lights out" automation and how it's creating a competitive advantage.
  • Why changing customer behaviors are forcing manufacturers to become more efficient with customer data and response time.
  • The areas in which Bunting is practicing sustainability, especially in their recycling.
  • The potential of AI to enhance efficiencies, quickly gather data, and assist in customer service.
  • Advice to other manufacturers that includes learning as much as you can from the world around you.

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