Enable, Enforce and Track the Quality Process

Manufacturing traceability is a critical requirement for industries globally to reduce risks, meet regulatory requirements, and stay competitive.

Epicor Connected Process Control provides a robust traceability and quality control software solution, helping manufacturers to easily store, retrieve, and report on part status and product genealogy. Download our Track & Trace brochure to get an in-depth overview of our traceability solution and how you can maximize quality and throughput on the plant floor while reducing costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • To implement a traceability solution, parts or lots need to be marked.
  • Our system allows for various tracking methods, from serial number barcode scans to RFID tags, or through PLC tasks – in any combination or order.
  • With real-time data insight, teams can quickly identify quality or compliance issues, develop repair/rework strategies, and contain suspect parts – ensuring first time quality scores remain exceptional.