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Watch this webinar for expert insights on how financial leaders in manufacturing are using cloud ERP to respond to disruption, manage economic pressures, and drive growth. Click here to download the report featured in the webinar. 

Expert Panel:
  • Simon Ellis, Group Vice President, IDC. Leads U.S. Manufacturing Insights, U.S. Energy Insights, and Global Supply Chain Strategies practices. 
Key Discussion Timestamps:

0:00 - Introduction: The “Next Normal” 

2:15 - Top Drivers of IT Investment  

4:14 - Reacting to Economic Conditions 

6:54 - Barriers to Digital Transformation 

11:20 - Objectives of Finance & Accounting Teams 

15:37 - Key Metrics for Finance & Accounting Teams 

17:03 - Consequences of Risks of Inaction 

19:17 - Top Financial Use Cases by Industry 

21:56 - Embracing Cloud ERP Systems 

25:10 - Utilizing Technology to Maximize Transformation 

27:46 - Key Takeaways 

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