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Measure Twice, Cut Once – Improve Your Products & Services with Engineering Tools from Epicor

Engineer-to-Order (ETO) manufacturing companies face unique challenges in managing engineering change orders (ECOs) and approved revisions due to the customized and project-based nature of their operations. Managing these processes require a robust engineering management process, effective communication channels and the utilization of the correct tools tailored to the unique needs of engineer-to-order manufacturing companies.

Are You Facing Challenges Like: 

  • Difficulties managing product complexity?
  • Breakdown in communication between Engineering, Production, and Sales?
  • Increased production cost due to ECOs?
  • Incorrect or outdated documents impacting product quality?

Engineering Management from Epicor: 

Epicor's Engineering Management is more than just an end-to-end solution—it's your strategic ally in navigating the complexities of custom manufacturing. Picture a scenario where material demands seamlessly align with production scope, traceability is a given, and resource allocation is optimized for exceeding your customers' expectations. With Epicor, it's not just about meeting demands; it's about setting a new standard for operational excellence. Ready to elevate your engineering management?  

See Epicor Engineering Management in Action

This focused session will help you visualize the tangible benefits of Epicor Engineering Management in action. Discover how our solution can streamline collaboration, reduce lead times, and bring significant improvements to your business's overall efficiency.

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