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An Epicor thought leadership webinar about the rise of cybercrime and solutions for manufacturers and distributors.

Watch this webinar for tips and insights from our thought leaders on how to protect your business. Click here to download our Cybersecurity eBook: Protecting Manufacturers from Cyberthreats. 


  • Kerrie Jordan, Group Vice President, Product, Epicor
  • Sean Carr, Information Security Officer/Global Head of Security, Epicor


Key Discussion Timestamps 

0:00 - Introduction
1:52 - Cybercrime: A Global Problem
2:45 - Manufacturing
4:51 - Distribution 
8:00 - Ransomware Rising
10:18 - New Trends in Cybercrime
15:24 - Technology Solutions
22:16 - Embracing the Cloud
29:20 - Future-Proofing Your Business
32:26 - The 3 Pillars of Cybersecurity  

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