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Access data easier and faster than ever with Epicor Prophet 21

Do you have the right information – at the right time – to run your business? Perhaps your data is spread between different software, is hard to access, and takes a computer whiz to create complex charts that are difficult to understand.

Epicor Prophet 21 features built-in business intelligence (BI) that will make it easier to establish targets, visualize results, and help everyone in your organization understand their impact. Prophet 21’s easy-to-use dashboards, charts and reports will help you improve every facet of your company.

In this one-hour demo, a solution expert highlights how Prophet 21 can:

  • Provide the flexibility you need to scale and grow
  • Allow you visibility to all your data in a digestible format
  • Centralize your systems with a feature-rich ERP built for distribution
  • Give you the tools to make charts and graphs of your company data
  • Allow you and your team to make data-driven decisions with one easy-to-use platform

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