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Cloud Based Add-on Solutions for Prophet 21: EDA and EDI 

Boost your organization's revenue with business insights and process automation. Our cloud-based add-on solutions can help maximize the functionality of Prophet 21, so you remain competitive and profitable.

During this hour-long webinar we showcase an overview and demonstration of Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) and Epicor Electronic Data Exchange (EDI). You can read more about EDA and EDI below:

  • With EDA, you can turn your business data into actionable insights. With deeper insights, you can grow by reducing costs, identifying new opportunities, supporting specific programs, and speeding up decision-making.
  • With Epicor EDI, you can streamline your operations and increase efficiencies Easily mine and assess data from orders, inventory, and other business requests to identify trends, opportunities, and potential errors. Epicor EDI empowers the digital supply chain.


Learn How Other Distributors are Leveraging Cloud-Based Add-On Solutions for Prophet 21

Read the Guillevin International success story to see how they are utilizing integrated cloud-based solutions in their business to eliminate obstacles, create efficiencies, and on-board employees painlessly. 

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