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Help your team make better, faster, and smarter decisions with Epicor ECM

Learn how Epicor Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can help your team make better, faster, and smarter decisions. With the help of business process automation, you can begin to streamline your essential business processes—most importantly, automate your accounts payable approval and sales order processes and other paperwork activities.

In this session, learn about the Epicor ECM platform and discover how to streamline and empower your Accounts Payable and Sales Order Automation process so you can begin to:

  • Increase productivity by eliminating redundant and manual data entry
  • Realize advance payment vendor discounts by streamlining the approval to pay process
  • Enable your remote workforce with secure access to critical business information
  • Minimize compliance and regulatory risk
  • Leverage the value of our ECM platform across multiple departments to help you grow

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