Neiman Enterprises Overhauls Operations with Epicor LumberTrack

Austin, TX July 24, 2018

Third generation, family operated sawmill and lumber distribution business looks to Epicor technology to improve communication between all locations to streamline inventory and accounting operations

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that Neiman Enterprises has selected the Epicor® LumberTrack™ system to seamlessly manage its business and prepare operations for future growth.

The continued growth of Neiman Enterprises depends on its dedication to the environment and quality products. The move to Epicor LumberTrack software will enable Neiman Enterprises to merge its multiple inventory management systems to a single-pane platform which will reduce human error through the automation of manual processes.

  • "The main reason we selected a new software system was because of the disconnect we had across locations and processes with our old system. We had individual inventory systems in all four of our locations because as we grew, we added that company’s system to the mill. Our sales office was tied into those systems individually, which made for a very disjointed operation."
  • - Mike Stevens, Sales Manager, Neiman Enterprises

Working directly with Epicor, the Neiman Enterprises team is currently in the process of deploying LumberTrack software and eliminating multiple databases across its facilities. “Because we outgrew our old system, our goal was to implement one system that we could grow into and that would also be a single database to handle all of our locations,” said Chad Voyles, chief financial officer, Neiman Enterprises. “Epicor LumberTrack is an impressive system that revolves around the lumber business. The software will free up time and give us the ability to improve ship times, develop more accurate projections, and ultimately enhance our customer service.”

“Lumber manufacturers and distributors are searching for ways to overhaul their businesses,” said Ryan Filek, product manager, LumberTrack software, Epicor Software. “Those reluctant or incapable of implementing necessary transformation are already seeing a negative financial impact—whether it is a decline in margins, lack of growth, a reduction in customers, or the loss of employees. Epicor LumberTrack enables the growth required to thrive and remain competitive in this industry.”

To learn more about Epicor LumberTrack software, please visit the solution hub.