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What is the Insight Advantage?

April 04, 2024

ERP software was once a system of record, providing a view of activities that had already happened within the four walls of a business. Today, ERP is a system of action, empowering makers, movers, and sellers like you to look around the corner and across the supply chain to make smarter decisions for a successful tomorrow.

From Big Data to the Right Data

As vast amounts of data have become available to the enterprise, businesses have struggled to use it. In fact, Forbes says that less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used. The popular phrase for businesses addressing this challenge is “digital transformation,” the process of structuring, cleaning, and transforming data to yield actionable insights. Businesses now must digitally transform within the constraints of complex compliance requirements, complex supply chain ecosystems, and a changing workforce. The challenges are real, but not insurmountable.

A New Era of Cognitive ERP

With the advent of computing power to process these huge amounts of data, we are entering an era in which we can accelerate digital transformation and truly separate the signal from the noise. The future of ERP is cognitive. Machines can now “shake hands” with humans, partnering with the worker to accelerate creative and strategic decision-making. Machines can aggregate, clean, transform, and surface the right data at the right time at a velocity never before seen, sparking the ability for businesses like yours to gain a competitive edge.

Your Insight Advantage

We are in an age when rapidly evolving technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) empower the world’s essential businesses to gain an insight advantage. For your business, that could mean:

  • Surfacing supply chain insights faster so you can adapt to disruption with agility
  • Adopting people-centric AI to empower your workers with the right insights at the right time
  • Accurately forecasting demand and gaining a better understanding of your customer
  • Helping ensure that your C-suite has a 360-degree view of shifts in the market and customer expectations before the competition has a chance to react

The insight advantage lets you aggregate data from internal and external systems, so you can quickly understand and predict key indicators within finance, sourcing, production, logistics, sales, and fulfillment. Ultimately, you’re able to give your customer a better experience based on anticipating their needs.

Businesses with an insight advantage experience many benefits throughout their daily operations:

  • AI helps knowledge workers and technical trade workers increase productivity and safety in their vocations
  • Predictive maintenance helps ensure inventory, fleets, and machines are in top condition, maximizing uptime
  • Supply chain insights can mitigate disruption and procure the right materials, delivering the right products at the right time to  customers
  • Task automation allows your customer-facing workforce to focus on the customer experience, rather than trouble-shooting unexpected inventory or technical issues

Could your business benefit from an insight advantage? We would love to learn more about your business needs and discuss how partnering with us can help you accelerate time to value in your journey to cognitive ERP.