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Harness the Power of Data with Release 2023.1 of Kinetic

August 30, 2023

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Over the last three decades, manufacturers have made big strides in digital transformation. By doing more business in the Cloud and leveraging the power of automation and AI, manufacturers continue to discover new ways to streamline and optimize operations. So what’s next in the journey of digital transformation? We can sum it up in one word: data. The way data is accessed, analyzed, and utilized is at the forefront of future-proofing the manufacturing business, and this capability is the highlight of Release 2023.1 of Kinetic.

Within this release, we’re excited to introduce Grow for Kinetic: a no-code, cloud-based Business Intelligence and Analytics solution that gathers and visualizes data across your organization so your team has easy access to the data-powered insights and metrics that can inform smarter business decisions. Grow empowers your team to become citizen analysts, allowing them to discover, manipulate and visualize data via easy-to-use dashboards—all without waiting in line for an IT or business analyst to assist. The results? Think big return on investment, happier and more empowered workers, and a stronger competitive advantage.

Here’s what else awaits in Kinetic’s latest release:

Elevated Browser UX

We have optimized the top 20+ screens you use every day, such as order entry, job management, and shipping, based on how you like to work.


  • Enhanced data entry flow
  • Fewer clicks to navigate screens
  • Less scrolling to find or do what you need

“ERP systems are invariably very complicated. They can seem intimidating and become overwhelming really quickly, especially in a smaller company like ours where we don’t have a dedicated ERP team. Epicor Kinetic has a more intuitive interface which allows our skilled craftspeople on the shop floor, with varying levels of digital skills, to log data easily so they can focus on what they do best."
Thea Larsen
IT Tech │Cannon Aircraft Interiors

Automated Fulfillment

Streamline the fulfillment and allocation processes by creating rules to automate sales order allocation.


  • Less legwork
  • Quicker fulfillment processes
  • Improved ability to expedite the shipping of a sales order, job, or transfer 

Cloud SDK

The Cloud SDK (Software Development Kit) makes it possible for an average business user to safely add user-defined data and build powerful, custom functionality in Kinetic without having to write a single line of code. Instead of having to develop with SQL & C# code, users can add custom tables, fields, and leverage familiar no-code/low-code Kinetic tools to do everything from managing new database tables to applying custom logic, processing data and tailoring the user interface. 


  • Larger, complex solutions focused on unique business needs
  • Database security is not compromised since direct access is not required

*An additional subscription or license is required for this solution. Please contact your Epicor account manager for pricing and availability. 


Epicor Explorer for Procure-to-Pay

The first dynamic chart of its kind, a new relationship map is introduced in this release helping finance experts review transactions in a more structured and visual way. This saves precious time by eliminating the need to look up transactions one by one, while giving a high-level overview of even very complicated purchase transactions.


  • Increased transparency, showing the links between orders, invoices, and payments
  • Simplification of complex information flows

"Epicor now runs our whole business, helping us to produce around nearly one million products each year. Without Epicor, EFLA would struggle to control and manage operations effectively and efficiently."
Veikko Ikalainen


LOT Trace Views

This feature allows you to see full lot tracing—backward and forwards—of lot numbers. Customers can now view the path that the lot took, i.e. the transactions where the lot was brought in, consumed, etc. This feature serves as a flow chart for customers to trace the full lifecycle of lot numbers.


  • Inventory managers are better able to manage inventory levels, operations, and efficiency.

Increased Communication with Collaborate

Epicor Collaborate is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool for the whole enterprise. As a messaging app embedded in Kinetic, teams can easily connect on topics and tasks, and can even communicate with external persons like customers and suppliers thanks to a two-way out-of-the-box interface with Microsoft Teams.


  • Less time spent in meetings and writing emails
  • Streamlined cross-functional communication

Customers who have already made the switch to Release 2023.1 are glad they did:

“Epicor Kinetic deployed in the cloud offers flexibility and scalability to our operations, and users have all the necessary access to the cloud ERP resources anytime, anywhere. The solution also makes our operations run seamlessly and has been supporting our teams to work from home, worry-free from cybersecurity threats and backups of data.”
Michael Chew Kian Hong
Deputy Managing Director │ Federal Oats Mills


Already a Kinetic user? The Epicor Services and Support teams are ready to help you upgrade today. Reach out to your Customer Account Manager to get started.

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